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Real Talk Pain

Open conversations  – Real Talk Pain It’s important to keep real talk about pain conversations open. Living in silence and in pain is now taboo. Just think, you’re in good company when statistics show that over 100 million Americans are going through the same thing. Your family, friends, and of course,  your doctor should all […] Read More

Back Pain Unavoidable

Back Pain When, Not If. You suddenly start to feel back pain at work. You shouldn’t be surprised, back pain is unavoidable. For most of us, it’s not if someday we will suffer back pain; it’s when we will suffer back pain. For instance back pain in the workplace is quite common and can be […] Read More

PRP therapy speeds up healing for athletes

Are you an athlete that has been researching Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP Therapy) to regenerate damaged tendon, ligament or joints? Athletes  are looking to THERAPEUTIC INJECTIONS activated Plasma and stem cells drawn from their own centrifuged blood for faster healing. Of course many injured athletes are running to have this procedure done in order to stay in […] Read More

Injections Pain Chart

Procedures: Injections Our injections pain chart can help relieve back pain relief, knee pain, chronic pain, relieving inflammation. Physicians like Dr. Kalter in Smithtown, NY, use therapeutic injections to  treat chronic neck pain, back pain, knee pain, hip pain, and more. The medication is injected directly into pained area for immediate relief. See Chart Below.. […] Read More

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