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Vertigo: Dizziness … Treatable

dizziness/vertigo after a motor vehicle accident

Dizziness/vertigo after a vehicle accident

One of the symptoms that an individual may feel after a car accident is an onset of dizziness. This can be frightening for patients — Don’t worry, vertigo is treatable.

One major reason for Vertigo is neck damage as a result of a car crash. Vertigo is when everything is moving or spinning causing you to love your balance.

The most frequent cause of vertigo is due to neck damage — also known as cervicogenic dizziness. This is a condition that stems from a nerve in your spinal column. Imagine relying on a signal that sends a message to the brain when movement or action occurs. The brain determines how the patient can respond and control and maintain balance in the body.

These signals are called proprioceptors. n the limbs, the proprioceptors are sensors that provide information about joint angle, muscle length, and muscle tension, which is integrated to give information about the position of the limb in space. The muscle spindle is one type of proprioceptor that provides information about changes in muscle length.

Injuries to the neck from either a car accident or sports related injury, the proprioceptors the signals to the brain can be desrupted, thus resulting in dizziness. Individuals suffering from Vertigo (damaged neck tissues) with proper treatment can recover fully.

Celebrities / Athletes Struggling with Vertigo

Then there’s Vestibular Nerve Injury, (BPPV) that is caused by violent movement of your head, often from a car crash. People with BPPV frequently report vertigo that occurs when they move their head and neck in certain ways.

Find out what causes Vertigo.

Feeling dizzy after an injury?

Have you recently been injured in a wreck? Ask about what treatments are available for BPPV by contacting Kaltner Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation in Smithtown, NY.Dr. Matthew Kalter has physical therapy and pain management methods that has tested to help men and women with dizziness.

Dr. Matthew Kalter

Dr. Matthew Kalter Auto Accident Doctor

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident and have symptoms of dizziness accompanied with back pain, Dr. Kalter can help. Dizziness associated with Vertigo can cause an individual to fall and suffer serious injury. To treat the ailment Dr. Kalter must first find the root of the problem.

Dr. Kalter has properly diagnosed Vertigo then a patient specific treatment plan will be suggested. Kalter Physical Medicine and rehabilitation can give hope to patients be restoring their health. Kalter Physical Medicine specializes in the auto injury care and treatment such as a whiplash injury.

*Beware: Don’t ignore that dizzy feeling! Call our office today at 631-257-1137 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kalter.