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Worker Compensation Doctor Smithtown, NY

Kalter PMR in Smithtown, operated by New York board certified workers compensation physician, Dr. Matthew kalter provides occupational injury therapies to patients injured on the job.

Kalter Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is located at 496 Smithtown Bypass Smithtown, NY 11787 Get Directions.

Workers Comp Clinic Smithtown, NY

Workers Comp Clinic Smithtown, NY

Work Injury Types of Conditions:

  • Sprains, Strains, or Tears
  • Fractures
  • Back Pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Neck Strain
  • Overuse Injuries
  • Repetitive Injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Knee Injury
  • Leg injury
  • Slip & Fall Injury
  • Joint Injuries
  • Sciatic Pain

In 2015, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), such as sprains or strains resulting from overexertion in lifting, accounted for 31 percent (356,910 cases) of the total cases for all workers. Of the total MSD cases, 80 percent occurred to private industry workers. This resulted in an incidence rate of 29.8 cases per 10,000 full-time workers in 2015, down from 31.9 cases in 2014. Private industry workers who sustained an MSD required a median of 12 days (down from 13 days in 2014) to recuperate before returning to work in 2015, compared to 8 days for all days-away-from-work cases. Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Board Certified Work Injury Doctor in Smithtown, NY

BC Work Injury Doctor Smithtown, NY

Work injuries can effect both the employer and the employee. It is a complicated cycle of documentation, employees rights, human resources regulations and employer responsibilities.

That’s why choosing a board certified physician that specializes in workers compensation injuries is crucial to the best interest of both employer and employee.
Kalter Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation serves cities and towns in New York, Long Island, Nassau & Suffolk County, NY.

Find out more about New York Workers Compensation Medical Coverage.

Medical treatments covered by workers’ compensation claims include your doctor visits, any diagnostic tests, physical therapy, and other treatment procedures depending on the nature of your and physician suggested time necessary for recovery.

Treatment Options For Work Injuries:

Workers' Compensation Doctor in Smithtown NY

Hurt On The Job? Kalter PMR Can Help!

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Services Offered Include:

  • Same day appointments
  • Free transportation to Kalter PMR clinic
  • Workers Compensation Assistance
  • FMLA / Return To Work (RTW) Doctors Notes
  • Bilingual staff and services