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Athletes Sidelined by Injury

February 27, 2017 | By | In: athletes, pain, sports injury, sports medicine

Athletes Get Back in the game.

Athletes who have suffered a setback due to an injury that has sidelined them now have hope.

Your an athlete. You love the rush, the game, the victory. You train hard and play hard. From the moment you started the playing ball (baseball, football), swimming, cycling or running whatever the sport you were hooked. You do everything in your power to be a winner so you work hard to build your strength, endurance and technique in order to crush your competitors or just be the best at the sport they love. Athletes are warriors when it comes to training and working out. They live, and breath fitness, training and performance. It’s who they are!

Does this sound familiar?

Unbearable pain. How, what, when did you injure yourself. Nothing was pulled, popped or fractured. The pain just crept in. You just ran a race, shot some hoops, competed in a swim meet, and then “boom” you notice physical pain and tenderness. “No problem,” you thought to yourself. You’ve experienced pain before. Whatever the injury, knee or ankle sprain, you can relieve pain and inflammation, promote healing and flexibility with RICE-Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. It works so no need to panic right?

As the old saying goes “no pain, no gain”. However, the pain worsens. Ignoring the pain, the throbbing, the spasms is foolish. Your performance starts to suffer. You are fatigued, and as the night falls your throbbing with pain, resulting in sleepless nights. Sound familiar? Well there’s no second guessing, pushing through the pain, or googling it.  It may be time to see a sports medicine specialist.

Get help managing your injuries

 Rebounding from Injury

Athlete Injured? Get Help.

Time to see a sports medicine doctor to properly diagnose why your pain exists. This is the point where the doctors orders you to be out of action for a couple of months! With proper treatment and some down time you may be able to fully recover stronger then ever, pain free. The last thing you want to do is jeopardize your ability to play, run, or compete.

Athletes, weekend warriors are all to familiar with the physical and mental pain of an injury that sidelines them from the sport that they so love. Torn ligaments, pulled muscles, ripped cartilage or broken bones are nothing compared to the fear of not being able to play again. This is the most important reason why after an injury seeing the right type of doctor to address and treat your injury is crucial to your full recovery.

Don’t even think about managing your injuries on your own — get help from a sports medicine doctor.

Common injuries: An exerciser’s guide

Many sports injuries feel the same, but there are important differences among them. Here is a glossary of common problems:

Athletes that are injured have their lives painfully disrupted. The proper treatment can give an athlete the mental security they need that they will recover.  If you the athlete love the game, you must understand that getting back out there on the field or court, will require rehab eliminating the possibility of re-injury. Focus on the end result, recovery.








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