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Blog Archive of Category: athletes

Career Ending Injuries

Overcoming Career Ending Injuries. Any career ending injury can be a source of stress for any performer or athlete. If you are an athlete, an injury can be devastatingly life-altering, In some cases, it may even result in permanent damage, significant impairment, and career ending injuries. If sports is your passion and livelihood, and injury […] Read More

Athletes Sidelined by Injury

Athletes Get Back in the game. Athletes who have suffered a setback due to an injury that has sidelined them now have hope. Your an athlete. You love the rush, the game, the victory. You train hard and play hard. From the moment you started the playing ball (baseball, football), swimming, cycling or running whatever […] Read More

Cannabis Pain Relief For Athletes

Should cannabis be legal among athletes? If you haven’t heard the news medical marijuana in New York is now legal to treat chronic pain but not for pro athletes. Many people swear by marijuana, or cannabis, as an herb that relieves pain, and physicians like Matthew Kalter in Long island see it helping those who […] Read More