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Botox Injection For Chronic Pain

Breaking News Alert! Treatment of  Chronic Pain with Botox

The the botulinum toxin (Botox)can treat muscle stiffness, muscle and spasms through the administration of onaboutlinumtoxin A, to muscle tissue. Botox injections have surprisingly been found to not only act as a fountain of youth but now is injected to treat painful conditions.

A simple Botox injection administered in the targeted area will reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Botox injection blocks the stimuli to the nerves that registers as pain causing the targeted muscles to release tension. The relief from the initial injection can be immediate. Patients have reported pain relief lasting up to three to four months.

Active people, athletes, weekend warriors may benefit from Botox injection therapy

BOTOX Injections Pain Management - Chronic Pain Control Smithtown

BOTOX Injections For Chronic Pain

accompanied with physiotherapy as a treatment option to relieve pain.

Botox is now being considered as a treatment for nerve-related pain conditions resulting from trauma or injury, like a car accident or repetitive-stress injury in the workplace.

A study at the University of California San Diego found that Botox can provide pain relief from both single-nerve and multiple-nerve pain conditions (also called mononeuropathy and polyneuropathy).

Another study found that Botox might also treat help treat chronic muscular pain. Researchers found that Botox injections reduced myofascial (soft tissue or muscle) pain in the neck and shoulders, probably because of Botox’s ability to reduce muscle spasms. The pain reduction in the neck and shoulders led to fewer and less severe headaches.

As mentioned research is growing investigating whether the injections of botulinum toxin (Botox) in the lower back for instance can safely and effectively relieve pain. Botox is now no longer in demand just for smoothing those out wrinkles, but also to treat neuromuscular disorders. Just a small amount of Botox can temporarily paralyze muscle tissue. These studies suggest that Botox can help in relieve symptoms of sciatica, chronic low back pain.

Dr. Matthew Kalter board certified NY, Smithtown pain specialist, stands by Botox as an injection therapy treatment option that works well for patients looking for pain relief.

Botox injections for painful conditions:

Constriction or stiffness of muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments can be treated with Botox injections.

Chronic Pain Treatment

Botox accompanied with on going physical therapy will give patients the temporary relief they need to go about their day-to-day routines.

A new study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine looked at people who had a type of knee joint pain common in active people. Researchers found that when a Botox-like substance was injected into the tensor fascia latae (TFL)—the muscle that runs along the side and front of the hip—and followed by three months of physiotherapy, 69% of subjects required no further medical intervention.

improve your quality of life, reduce pain that restricts the ease of your daily activities.If you have any questions about this Botox injection for pain therapy, call the Kalter Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation clinic at 631-257-1137.

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