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Herniated Disc Pain

Herniated disc pain is often caused by a slip or fall at work, improper movement, contact sports injury, or a car accident. Patients who have been diagnosed with a herniated disk have complained of severe back/neck pain. Discs absorb shock between the bones.

Abnormalities, inflammation, or injury can cause pain and stiffness.

Treatment of herniated disks

The recovery time for herniated disks is up to 4 weeks with treatment. Call today for an appointment: 631-257-1137

Spinal discs have rubbery pads that cushion the vertebrae(individual bones of the spine) in an our backs. When the discs becomes damaged or irritated (herniated), it bulges out of place.

Depending on the diagnoses the result can be severe pain and suffering real weakness physically. Everything stops, work play, home life. The pain is usually the result of the disk pressing against nearby nerves.

If you suspect that you injured your lower back it’s best to see a back pain specialist to determine the cause of your pain. Ignoring the pain your arms, legs or back in homes that it will go away on it’s own will only cause your existing condition to worsen. Time is what’s needed here. Time to have a physician to evaluate what type of treatment is necessary for a complete recovery.

Surgery, with high complication rates, and unpredictable outcomes are not better than pain management, physical therapy, injection therapy and anti-inflammatory drugs. Dr. Kalter in Smithtown, New York advises patients that a full recovery is possible with proper treatment.

A herniated disk, sometimes called a slipped or ruptured disk, often occurs in your lower back. It is one of the most common causes of low back pain, as well as leg pain (sciatica). Unfortunately, doctors can only determine if their patient has a herniated disc by diagnosing the injury through an MRI.

Dr. Matthew Kalter, one of Long Long island’s top spine pain specialists believes in addressing lower back pain using conservative treatments before suggesting surgery. At Kalter Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation we understand how debilitating back pain can be. The doctor and staff strive to give are dedicated to providing all options available to treat your back and spine problems so that you may return to an active, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Symptoms Of Herniated Disc

Patients may have suffered a car accident, a fall, a sporting injury or some other traumatic occurrence. Herniated Disc.

Patients may have suffered a car accident, a fall, a sporting injury or some other traumatic occurrence. Herniated Disc.

Causes Of Herniated Disc

Treatment Of Herniated Disc

Herniated Disc Facts

At Kalter PMR in Smithtown, NY, we are committed to relieving your bulging disc pain and improve function to increase your quality of life. Call us today to schedule an appointment: 631-257-1137.